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Ron Masters will help alleviate any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. His techniques  bring relief to patients with neck and shoulder pain, suffering from sciatica, and knee, ankle, and joint stress. The three essential ingredients that Ron possesses are:

• Licensed and experienced
• Friendly and approachable attitude
• Craftsmanship and dedication

Let Masters Therapeutic Massage in Ewa Beach provide you with neck pain muscle therapy by licensed (MAT 1849, MAE 681) therapist.
""Ron is more than just a massage professional, he is a massage THERAPIST.  For me the word 'therapist' holds a deeper meaning than the word 'professional.'  Ron is a HEALER, and the sessions are therapeutic.  THEY WORK!  The trigger point technique that he uses is painfully pleasant.  I came in a year ago, limping and miserable, with shooting pains running up and down my leg and back ALL DAY LONG.  I saw a physician, a chiropractor, two massage therapists, an orthopedic doctor, had CAT scans, and more.  Nothing worked for 6 months.  I needed a permanent solution, so Ron helped me, and healed me in just 3 sessions!  I went back to karate training the next week.

Ron has also helped every single person I've ever referred to him, including my husband, brother-in-law, clients, and friends.  He's healed knee pains, limping, back injury pains, headache and carpal tunnell.  He comes highly recommended, and the price is just right! Mahalo for all that you do,Ron. "

- Lisa, Business Specialist
"I have had extensive chronic knee pain since my infantry days in the Army back in the 1980s and have struggled with knee pain on and off from excessive use over the years.  I tried all kinds of pain and anti-inflammatory medicines as well as physical therapy over the years with minimal or only temporary success.  In the end, I had to cease the anti-inflammatory medicines due to the published risk to the heart.

Since seeing Ron, I have been pain free and able to work out again.  Walking is no longer painful and I am even using the stairs.  I am back on the elliptical again and plan to start running soon.  Ron's pressure point therapy really works.  He even noticed a significant muscle atrophy surrounding my left knee and gave me exercises to increase my muscle strength.  I am happy to say my muscles around the inside of my left knee are back to 95% in just 2 months.

If you have any issues, Ron is the man to see."
- Chad
"I came to Ron with chronic knee pain due to a patella realignment surgery that I had over a year ago, my knee was no longer tracking correctly and was very susceptible to dislocation.  Ron unlocked all the muscles around my knee and gave me exercises to help strengthen the necessary areas to provide support to my knee not tracking correctly.  In the short amount of time I have worked with Ron my knee has already made vast improvements and I am well on my way to being a normal 19 year old again.  Thanks, Ron!"

- Anastasia
"Thanks to Ron Masters my knees and shoulders are much more flexible.  I injured my leg recently and he has helped me understand what went wrong.  And his therapy has helped me with a much speedier recovery.  This guy is great!!"

- Sol
 Ron is very knowledgeable, professional and achieve results. I had several sessions with him and every time i feel so much better. I regained range in motion and the pain is gone. This is so important for a professional golfer. Because of his vast experience, Ron has the ability to find the proper technique to resolve the problems.
He is always on time and the treatment room is impeccably clean. I strongly recommend you get in touch with him. He is one of the best. Thank you so much.

- Claude (PGA Master Professional) 

Ron Masters is legally blind but that has only fine-tuned his touch so that he knows exactly what to do to bring blessed relief from pain and suffering!

Ron always makes sure you're OK as he works on you and also makes sure what therapeutic massage pressure you can stand: light, medium, hard or extra hard. He FIXES you, not just a band-aid on the gushing wound, but a total FIX! It may take several visits, but Ron is honest about that too. He doesn't string you along for weeks, months or years. If you're better in 2 visits, you don't have to come back.

I feel safe going there by myself and I know that when I'm done, I'll feel so much better than when I arrived.

The office is separate from his home and has it's own bathroom for your convenience. It's clean and cool. Woo hoo!
- Holly B
"I have been seeing Ron since 2010 - as an avid weight lifter, outrigger canoe paddler and athletic competitor, he helped diagnose and treat my chronic sciatica. I schedule appointments with Ron on a regular basis - both for acute treatments and general maintenance - where I was once limited in my mobility and flexibility, I now accel [excel] in all my physical endeavors!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Brian
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